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Booster Master Cylinder Application

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Our typical customer comes to us with a PPM (parts per million) of approximately 1,500. This covers all our process monitoring solutions. Their production rates average 7.5 million parts per year. They want a solution that can be integrated into their existing production line.

After receiving sample parts and drawings, Automation Innovation forms a solution based upon the customer's needs and budget. The finalized system is custom designed and built to optimize the success of the installation. The majority of our systems are inspection heads that mount directly in their production lines.

These inspection heads consist of our Model 6500 Signature Analysis Process Monitoring Controller which is based upon a Windows OS and the most powerful processors at that time. This is a hardened industrial computer that meets Six-Sigma productions standards. Included with the inspection head is an electronics cabinet that controls the entire operation of the system. These controls control the movement of the probe in and out of the part, the acquiring of the quality signature and the handshaking with the customer's existing PLC controls.

Based upon the customer's application and some initial testing, we custom design and built the probe to provide the maximum resolution and durability for the application. These probes are constructed as solid pieces of steel - either tool steel or stainless steel. They have proven to be so strong that they had stopped 5-Hp transfer lines with no damage to the probes - I would not say the same for the transfer pallets. The durability of the new line of Signature systems has been unrivaled. The majority of our systems that have been built in the last eight (8) years have not required any servicing - may be the only exception is the need to retool for a model change. However, there are some systems that are going on nine (9) years that have never required any service that is how durable and reliable the systems can be.

With all this care in the design and build, we usually bring our customer's PPMs down to under one (1) within a year. In fact the majority of our customers, experience an elimination of all production defects. These systems have proven so successful in eliminating the initial defect that more shuttle defects that were not known are identified and eliminated.

Our success rate has been so extraordinary that ours customers standardize on our products worldwide. And, our customers seem to always bring use even more challenging projects based upon our success.