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Thread Problems are NO MORE!

Automation Innovation, Inc. Logo - sm Noncontact Internal and External Thread Inspection
  • 100 percent inspection for Zero-Defects (reduce your PPMs to less than One Part Per Million)
  • In-line and in-process inspection systems (inspect every part without impact to your existing cycle time)
  • Optimize your labor force (reduce your labor costs and eliminate repetitive action injuries and claims)
  • Never have to worry about wearing out your inspection tooling (noncontact removes the chances of damage to your parts)
  • Scan over the thread's or hole's internal and external length and depth (no "one shot" guessing here)
  • Inspect 360 degrees inside and outside (something a vision system and other eddy current systems just cannot do)
  • Eliminates human error and costs (inspects 100% without tiring at rates of 720,000+ parts per hour)
  • Cost of a complete turnkey system can pay for itself in one customer complaint (economical systems available)
  • Process times of 0.002 seconds or less (utilizes the latest and most powerful Windows OS processors)
  • Scan rates of 10,000 inches/second or faster (as fast as the probe can be inserted and withdrawn)
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art capacitive and inductive smart sensors (solid tool steel or stainless steel construction)
  • Probes are made of solid tool steel or stainless steel construction (tough probes that can take a beating and still function)
  • Material changes have no effect (not like eddy current inspection systems)
  • Can be integrated within CNC machining centers and washers (capacitive sensors require "wet sensor" package)
  • Features Inspected
  • Best Thread Inspection System in the World (better than all other eddy current systems)

Automation Innovation, Inc. Logo - sm Inspect other features within the same inspection cycle

  • Chamfers, bores, slots, grooves, splines, keyways (not just a simple thread inspection system but a complete inspection system)
  • Depths of bores
  • Widths of grooves
  • ID/ODs
  • Integrate sensors into the controller to monitor other production parameters (monitor length, pressure, force, position, etc. at low costs)
  • Dimensional Gauging of Thread Properties available

Automation Innovation, Inc. Logo - sm Based upon advanced signature analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Needs only one (1) part to teach the system what a good part represents (uses learning model based upon our own brain's methodology)
  • Over 21 years of advanced signature analysis development (no simple boundaries but intelligent reasoning boundaries)
  • Learns your production's normal distribution and can convert it to the part's tolerance normal distribution (verifies more good product)

Automation Innovation, Inc. Logo - sm Windows OS-based controllers graphically show the quality of the process

  • You can quickly identify the location of the defective thread (even down to 1/16 of a thread or tighter if necessary)
  • The defective's signature quickly shows the type of defect to the operator (defects can be classified and totalized)
  • Controllers are verified to meet Six-Sigma manufacturing requirements (tough industrial systems that last and last)

Automation Innovation, Inc. Logo - sm FREE PARTS EVALUATION with graphic quality signatures of Good and NG parts